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What is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking is a heavy-duty storage system designed to store long, bulky, or awkward materials that are often hard to store because of shape or length. As would be suggested by the name, Cantilever Racking doesn’t have vertical posts on the front, so it is free of obstructions, making it an easy to access and efficient storage solution. The racks are configurable in many unique ways depending on what you are looking to store, allowing a flexible solution to fit any type of storage needs that can quickly and easily be adapted as your needs inevitable change. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are often found in warehouses and storage yards around the world as a practical and efficient storage solution.

The storage density of this type of racking makes them a very popular solution for anyone looking to make the most of space whilst storing long, heavy items. With the flexibility to change configurations, add additional double sided storage space and almost infinite height and width combinations, the cantilever racking solution is a becoming a more widely accepted storage solution across a variety of storage facilities. It’s ideal for many purposes and flexible enough to add additional storage space when needed, Cantilever Racking can be the perfect solution for any large heavy items such as furniture, boats, vehicles, steel bar, pvc, iron pipe, lumber, plumbing pipes, bar stock, wood, steel pipes, plywood, tubes, wire coils, veneer, sheet stock, drywall, sheet rock or other long raw material. As a result, any company or individual storing these lengthy items would benefit from a Cantilever Rack Installation.

Cantilever Racking systems are typically made up of cantilever bases, uprights, arms and braces; Cantilever Bases are the anchor of the cantilever rack system. They connect directly to the uprights at the base to stabilise the whole structure and ensure remains structurally sound; Uprights are the vertical support columns that the bases, arms and braces attach to form the cantilever racking; Uprights can be used to create both single or double sided designs. Single sided cantilever racks allow materials to be stored on the front side only. With double sided uprights, material can be stored on both sides of the rack, doubling the storage capacity! Cantilever rack arms connect to the uprights and extend out to create a level to store materials on. The arms can be adjusted on the upright to create storage levels to suit the loading material. It is possible for arms to be configured straight or inclined. Inclined arms are perfect for ensuring items that may roll stay securely in place; and Cantilever rack braces are used between uprights together to secure the rack laterally. Adding extra stability to the cantilever racking, braces are an essential part of the system and ensure heavy loads can be stored safely and effectively.

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