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Why do Mesh Decks add such a significant cost to my Pallet Racking?

Mesh decking functions as a shelf within pallet racking systems, allowing storage for smaller items and provides additional support for damaged, weakened or non-standard pallets. Mesh decks rest on pallet racking beams to provide an alternative to timber decking and steel panels. If you are storing small items at picking levels, as well as non-standard pallet sizes, then mesh decks may be what you require in your storage space. Significantly, if your workers are operating under tunnel bays in your warehouse, mesh decks provide additional protection.

Being strategic and efficient with your financial investments within your warehouse is fundamental. As such, due to the additional cost of investing in mesh decks for your pallet racking, asking the question of whether it is a necessary investment within your industrial space is important.

Why the Cost?

There are a multitude of factors that impact the significant cost of mesh decks. The cost of mesh decking is down to the use of steel. Steel is expensive when compared to Timber due to the great demand for it because of its use across many products and industries. To name a few, this additional cost is impacted by the high demand of Steel, steep prices on scrap metal, soaring transportation costs, and a shortage of supply of Steel.

The Right Investment?

Mesh decking, as an alternative to timber decking or steel panelling, permits the free flowing of air throughout a facility, and is ideal for cold storage systems. The design of the mesh decks can vary depending on your requirements – with different designs supplied to best suit the application it is being used for. The standard design for mesh decking, however, has the mesh joined to support bars which rest on the pallet racking beams. This helps with the transfer and disperse on loads.

As a low weight and high-strength wire mesh decking system, investing in mesh decks may be essential to your warehouse. As well as mesh decks being versatile in nature and can be made to fit the changing requirements within your storage space, the installation process is also easy. Essentially, if you wish to store palletised goods or single units in a safe manner, then mesh decks may be the storage solution for you.

Despite the additional cost of adding mesh decks to your pallet racking system, investing in pallet racking accessories may be a smart investment for the efficiency of the operations within your warehouse. These add-ons for pallet racking system ultimately assist in safety and efficiency, and importantly, can help to improve the longevity and value of your warehouse pallet racking system.

Considering Safety

The additional safety that mesh decks offer to your pallet racking system is a significant factor to consider. In order to comply with Health and Safety regulations, investing in additional accessories, such as mesh decks, may be fundamental within your storage space. Mesh decks offer additional safety by preventing the stored goods on pallets from falling and causing potential harm to your workers. As well as offering additional safety and preventing injury to your staff, this also prevents costly repairs within your storage space of replacing fallen and broken items.

Anti-collapse mesh can be used as a cost-effective investment to prevent damage to stock, and as previously mentioned, protecting staff from potential injuries due to falling debris from pallet racking shelves. So, despite the potential of mesh decks adding a significant cost to your storage systems, it may be the most cost effective option in the long-run.

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