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Why Can’t I Change My Own Load Signs?

Load signs are a clear statement of the maximum load capabilities of pallet racking, and are placed in a high visibility location at the end of each run. Load notices are a vital component of the safe management of racking, as they prevent racking from being overloaded and potentially collapsing. Not having load signs runs counter to the advice set out by the HSE in the ‘HSG76 Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety’. While this is only guidance, under PUWER you must provide adequate information to operate your racks safely, so if an accident were to occur you would be liable for not following Health and Safety Legislation.

Load notices must be set out in a certain way due to HSE law, EU directive, and SEMA standards. Load notices must include; suppliers details, project number, date of supply, rated UDL load or pallet load per level, maximum bay load, height to first beam, and beam pitch. They are set out split into three parts; general information which is applicable to all storage equipment and includes instructions and warnings for best practice behaviour. The specific information section gives information that is relevant to the installation and makes sure equipment is loaded within its limitations. The final section includes administrative information from the racking supplier.

Load notices can only be created or displayed after a detailed inspection of the racking system by a SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspector). This competent person must assess the condition of the racking as any damage or incorrect use or installation will result in the load capabilities of the racking being diminished. The consequences of not correctly marking load signs are potentially as significant as a catastrophic racking collapse, and therefore it is highly important that load signs are only created or changed by someone who has been approved.

You cannot change your own load signs after damage or reconfiguration because if the load information is calculated incorrectly, you are at risk of catastrophic injury and liable for fines, or damages from any injuries that occur. Load notices are a significant aspect of pallet racking safety, and thus must be changed only by those qualified to do so.

Here at DC Space and Storage Solutions we are a SEMA approved installation and distribution company, and operate a team of SARI, so are able to help you out with any load sign changes or requirements. Get in touch today to ensure the safety of your pallet racking.

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