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Who is Push Back Racking for and not for?

What is it?

Push Back Racking is a pallet storage system, designed to maximise your storage space and increase efficiency by decreasing loading and unloading times. Push Back Racking, as a form of live storage system, is used for pallets formed by a compact structure.

Push Back Racking is especially designed for Last in First out stock management (otherwise known as LIFO). Essentially, this form of stock management is one which sees the last pallet placed on the rack being the first one that is unloaded. In Push Back Racking, the forklift only requires one aisle to access the stored unit loads, which has clear benefits over First in, First out (FIFO) live storage, which requires two aisles for the loading and unloading process.

One of the leading benefits of this storage solution is its ability to give you a higher storage density than other forms of racking. Naturally, this makes Push Back Racking an excellent use of space as this high-density solution allows for the optimising of storage capacity for the same space. So, let’s consider if this is the perfect solution for you:

Cold Storage and Non-Perishable Products:

This is considered an ideal system for cold, and even freezing, storage due to the design allowing for high compaction. Additionally to this, as a live storage system, the resistance of the roller and shuttle systems at low and freezing temperatures means that it can continue to work at optimum levels in such conditions.

Efficiency and Versatility:

Efficiency within your warehouse is of pivotal importance if you wish to maximise productivity within your warehouse – and of course you do! Due to the quick and easy loading and unloading process, thanks to the accessibility Push Back Racking allows with forklifts, the maneuvering time is reduced, ultimately resulting in efficient processes and time optimisation.

An incredible advantage of using Push Back Racking is its compatibility with other adjustable pallet racking systems, meaning that you have flexibility in your choice of using additional storage solutions within your warehouse – alongside Push Back storage systems!


Of course, cost consideration is always a priority for any businessperson. Due to Push Back Racking being a high density storage solution, it provides many elements of cost saving due to the freeing up of floor space, allowing for more capacity.

Overall, Push Back storage systems significantly and effectively optimise available space within warehouses. Its versatile, efficient nature truly makes it a stand out storage solution, and it could certainly be the perfect solution for you.


Although there’s no denying that Push Back Racking could be an incredible storage solution and the perfect fit for your warehouse, due to its design, there are also some factors that you should consider when deciding if Push Back Racking is for you:

Perishable Products

Due to the LIFO management system, care should be taken when using this storage system for storage of perishable goods. In these cases, pallet flow racking systems may be preferable, as they feed the products at the rear end of the rack to be dispensed through the front as to avoid spoiling. Hence, First in, First Out storage systems may be the answer to your storage needs in such cases for the loading and unloading process.


System maintenance with Push Back Racking can be slightly more intensive than racking systems that are not live, or do not have moving parts. Due to the design, the carts must be routinely checked and inspected to confirm their ability to move back and forth with ease.

We’re happy to answer any questions!

At DC Space & Storage Solution, we understand that the process of choosing the perfect storage solution for your warehouse may be time consuming… and time is money. That’s why we are happy to offer a bespoke end-to-end storage solution plan for you.

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