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Who is Drive in Racking for and not for?

Drive in Racking is a pallet storage solution that offers high efficiency, designed to make the most of the cubic space available in your warehouse by minimising the aisles needed for trucks.

The effectiveness of Drive in Racking systems speaks for itself, with it being one of the most popular and used methods of storage handling currently. Perhaps this is of little surprise when considering that this storage solution can provide up to 85% of space optimisation – meaning that you’re storing more in less space.

This compact, accumulative storage system is the ideal storage solution for warehouses looking to store large quantities of single-SKU pallets. So, let’s investigate the benefits, and most importantly, whether this solution is the right fit for you…

High Density Storage

As aforementioned, Drive in Racking allows for high density storage, so more storage in less space. Naturally, this is great for space optimisation and efficiency within your warehouse, and this makes it the ideal fit for businesses with high cost per square metre floor area who wish to store large amounts of items of the same reference. This makes this storage solution highly efficient in optimising space, whilst ensuring great stock control and rotation.

Homogenous Materials

If you are looking to store large amounts of items of the same reference within your storage space, then Drive in Racking may be the storage solution you’re looking for! If your warehouse is storing numerous pallets of a similar product, then Drive in Racking creates incredibly efficient use of space as opposed to other types of racking, due to it not requiring spaces in between the aisles to account for access of a forklift. In these cases, Drive in Racking is more efficient than, for example, selective type racking.

Easy to Maintain and Change

Considering the many benefits of Drive in Racking as a storage solution, perhaps one of its greatest strengths is that its design is relatively simple, and as such, so is the maintenance and the possibility of altering it to meet your changing needs. The easy-to-assemble modular structure of Drive in Racking makes amendments easy – in turn, making it easily flexible to the changing needs of your storage space. As your business continues to grow, the pallet racking dimensions can be altered to grow with it!

The easy to assemble nature of Drive in Racking increases its versatility, and thus its ability to work perfectly in your warehouse. Ultimately, the ease of this storage system helps to create a faster workflow, and, perhaps most significantly, order fulfillment.

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Drive in Racking systems are an extremely affordable storage solution. Considering this with its high quality and durable materials, it’s easy to see why Drive in Racking continues to reign as one of the most popular storage systems offered.

But is it the Right Fit for You?

Non-Homogenous Materials

The majority of these systems are made to optimise space for one type of product or material. Despite the versatility of this racking system, this could be a potential draw back for you and your storage space, if you wish to store a multitude of different products or materials.

Last In, First Out

Drive in Pallet Racking is the most common compact racking system, and although this offers with it a multitude of benefits such as allowing a single access point for forklifts, it also means that the newest or freshest products will replace the older products at the front of the rack; effectively meaning that old products will not be used before new products are put in.

Contact Us Today!

Finding a system that works perfect for you and your storage space is our top priority at DC Space & Storage, and we understand that this can be a challenging decision. Gain insightful information, and a free, no-obligation estimate by contacting our team today, and find the solution to your needs.

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