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Who Is Cantilever Racking For and Not For?

Cantilever Racking is a storage system that is mainly designed to store bulky materials of virtually any length. This heavy-duty storage system makes storing long, bulky or awkward materials that are otherwise hard to store, efficient and manageable. Essentially, this is made possible by the lack of vertical posts on the front of the racking, making it free from obstructions, and consequently allowing easy access to otherwise hard to store materials.

The base of this storage system can rest on the floor as an anchoring point that secures the rack in place, or the base can be bolted to the concrete floor – ultimately, this depends on the design. This allows for the Cantilever racks to be compact and mobile, if that is preferable for your storage space.

So… in what cases is Cantilever Racking the perfect storage solution for you?

Bulk Loads:

As briefly mentioned, Cantilever Racking is often the go-to storage system for anyone who seeks to make the most of their warehouse space whilst storing long, heavy and often awkward items. As the ideal form of storage for oddly shaped inventory items, if your warehouse is storing, for example, building materials that are unsuitable to be stored in traditional racking systems, then Cantilever Racking may be the right call for you.

Flexible Solution:

The racks on this heavy-duty storage system are configurable in a multitude of ways, depending on what you wish to store, and this means that Cantilever Racking acts as a flexible solution to fit the needs of your storage space. Of course, this means that it can adapt to the growing or changing requirements of your storage space with minimal hassle – a fantastic way of ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal storage space being used.


By choosing this storage racking solution, you are minimising certain risks that can present themselves if you choose to store items on your floor. Placing inventory items directly on your floor increases the risk of collisions with forklifts… not just does this have the potential to be detrimental to the efficiency of your business, but it can also result in safety risks to your employees. Additionally, the Cantilever not being obstructed vertically does not just mean that you can stack materials as high as necessary, but it also increases visibility under lighting systems, and provides increased access for fire suppression systems.

Space Utilization:

Maximising available floor space is almost synonymous with efficiency when it comes to your warehouse. Due to the small footprint of Cantilever Racking, when comparing it to floor stacking, less valuable floor space will be used, and hence the storage capacity within your warehouse will be increased.

Ultimately, Cantilever Racking is for anyone that wishes to store bulky, awkward material, maximise productivity and efficiency, increase floor space, and ensure that extra certainty of safety within your warehouse.

But, this is not to say that it is the best storage solution for every warehouse – and here’s when and why…

Choosing Alternatives

Despite the clear advantages of incorporating Cantilever Racking as a storage solution in your warehouse, there are alternative storage solutions that may work better for you.


Cantilever Racking can be expensive to implement as a storage solution. This is due to the amount of planning that is required in its structure, as well as its adjustable nature. So, where expense is a top priority for you, then discussing potential alternative storage solutions with the team at DC Space & Storage Solutions may be your best bet!

However, in saying that, whether this expense will be worth it in the long run depends on if installing this storage system maximises workers’ productivity and ensures maximum efficiency. So, of course, in plenty of instances, the initial expense of Cantilever Racking does not necessarily mean that another system will work better for you.

Type of Product:

The type of product you are hoping to store is also important when considering if this is the best solution for you. If, for instance, you are wanting to store pallets within your warehouse, then Cantilever Racking is not the correct storing system for you.

This is where other alternatives, such as Pallet Racking, may suit your storage needs better. Similar to Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking is also accessible and inspection-friendly. In these cases, pallet storage methods such as Push Back racking may be better suited.

Get in Touch for More Information!

So, to summarise, Cantilever Racking may be the perfect storage solution for you if you are seeking a heavy-duty storage system with awkward materials, that is both easy to install and reconfigure depending on the changing needs of your storage space. But, in other cases, alternative choices of storage systems may better fit your needs.

Contact us at DC Space & Storage today for a no-obligation estimate service to find the perfect storage solution for you.

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