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Who is Adjustable Pallet Racking for and not for?

Adjustable Pallet Racking offers many benefits as a storage system, so its ranking as one of the most popular racking systems when businesses invest in storage is of little surprise. There’s a lot of reasons as to why Adjustable Pallet Racking holds this title – but often the most compelling reason for its popularity is its basic and easy to manage nature. The specific benefits of this form of storage solution include:

Easy to Customise:

Adjustable Pallet Racking is widely popular in warehouses as storage systems because of their adjustable nature. This means that they can be adjusted to suit most given spaces, and adjusted to suit the stock that is held on the racking. The pallet support bars that come with this storage solution can be easily altered and extracted to suit your changing needs, resulting in lower costs as you are less likely to have to invest in new and more expensive racking to suit your new storage. This also means that if you are a part of managing an ever-growing company, where your storage space must increase to meet your demands, then this storage system can be adjusted appropriately to meet these needs.


If your warehouse is storing heavy stock, accessibility and adjustability is key as your racking layout must suit your extraction technique. Using a forklift to access your stock, for example, means that it is pivotal for the forklift to be able to access the stock whilst being able to maneuver swiftly between the aisles. Additionally, this must be done in a way that adheres to Health and Safety regulations, and with Adjustable Pallet Racking offering great accessibility, where the racking can be easily moved to achieve both wide-aisles and narrow-aisles, there’s little wonder why this is one of the strongest contenders as a storage system.

Reliability and Safety Benefits:

Adjustable Pallet Racking systems are also known to guarantee optimum protection for the workers in your warehouse. The high-quality materials used for these kind of systems means that it is a reliable, durable form of storage solution.

So, who do we recommend Adjustable Pallet Racking for, specifically?

· Warehouses with high turnover storage spaces

· Storage where direct and quick access is needed

· Storage spaces with a diverse range of unit sizes and weight requirements

· Storing of non-standard unit size items

For these reasons, Adjustable Pallet Racking systems are incredibly popular as chosen storage systems. Adjustable Pallet Racking is incredibly effective when considering space optimization where heavy storage capacity is required. But, what about the instances where other systems would be better suited for your needs?

Choosing Alternatives

Despite the reliability and accessibility of Adjustable Pallet Racking, other storage systems can suit your needs more appropriately and effectively, depending on the nature of your company. So, although all warehouses share common characteristics and therefore may have similar needs, there are many varying factors that will determine the design and construction of your storage system.

The types of products and goods stored

So, for instance, in cases where goods need to be date arranged, Adjustable Pallet Racking may not be the most efficient solution for you. Using the example of perishable goods is a good place to start when considering where other storage systems may be better suited for your warehouse. Mobile Pallet Racking is the suitable form of storage solution for perishable goods, as its high-density nature removes the access lanes of Adjustable Pallet Racking systems, instead keeping one lane with access to the perishable material. This form of storage is an ideal system for perishable products due to its adaptable nature to freezing chambers and cold stores. Of course, access to the unit load must be direct in cases of perishable goods, and a Mobile Racking System would work better in this case than an Adjustable Pallet Rack system is direct, allowing for efficient stock management.

Bulk Loads

Where an Adjustable Pallet Racking system may be a great option for you if you wish to move your products quickly in and out of your warehouse, in cases where you need your pallet racking to hold bulky loads, such as large appliances like refrigerators, then it may not be the best option for you. In cases where loads are incredibly bulky, and special mechanical equipment such as cranes are necessary to move them, then storage solutions such as Cantilever Racking may better meet your large storage needs. Cantilever racking is specifically designed to store long, bulky and awkward materials – hence its heavy-duty nature.

We’re here to help

We understand that considering the space and storage solution that will work best for you can be a gruelling and intimidating task and that’s why we are happy to offer a no-obligation estimate service.

Contact us today to discuss the storage system that is perfect for your warehouse, and we can begin the process of offering you an end-to-end bespoke service to alleviate your storage stresses.

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