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When buying a building, should I start again with the Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is essential within industrial spaces for storing pallets safely and ensuring your warehouse is properly organised. Amongst the endless list of things to consider when buying a new storage space, considering the correct pallet racking system to fit the needs of your new warehouse is important. Carefully considering the logistics of your operations within your new space, and assessing what storage system best suits your needs, is significant for ensuring the efficiency of your business, and ultimately means that you may have to start again with the Pallet Racking, depending on your requirements.

Important to emphasize here is not to just ‘make do’ with what you may already have in terms of Pallet racking. One of the most fundamental parts of the planning stage within your storage space is ensuring that you are getting the most out of the pallet racking implemented, as well as considering issues of safety which may be compromised when opting to use the pallet racking already implemented in your new building.

Making Sure it Works For You

The biggest risk of choosing the seemingly easier and cheaper option of not starting afresh with the pallet racking in your new building is that it may affect the efficiency of the operations within your warehouse. This is because pallet racking systems have to be specific to your needs and requirements: there is no blanket storage system that works perfectly for all operations.

Our Recommendation

To avoid issues of your work efficiency being affected by using the pallet racking already implemented in the building, you must ensure that the layout works for you before filling the pallet racking. If you do not effectively check that the layout suits your requirements, then you are risking long-term and long-lasting effects of trying to fit into a layout that does not deliver for your company.

If you do wish to keep some elements of the installed pallet racking system in the building, you can opt for reworking the system, or buying extra, to allow it to match your requirements more effectively. If the layout of the pallet racking does not coincide with your storage requirements, however, then renewing the system is likely to be the only viable option.

Naturally, when buying a pallet racking system, cost is often one of the primary concerns and most considered factor for most businesses. Despite the second-hand systems appearing to be the cheaper option at first, the long-term cost may prove to not be worth it. A new system, at the very least, offers the peace of mind that you are far less likely to run into additional costs sooner than anticipated, and therefore ensures you are getting the most out of your new space by allowing smooth operations with maximum efficiency.

Ensuring Maximum Safety

One of the greatest advantages of investing in new pallet racking for your new storage space is that you know exactly where it has come from. Considering that safety should always be your primary concern, opting for a new pallet racking system is the best way to ensure maximum safety within your Industrial space as pallet racking is at its safest condition when it comes directly from the manufacturer, to you.

So, when making the decision of opting for a new pallet racking system, or keeping the one implemented in your new building, ensure that you are fully considering all potential risks to the safety of the storage system.

Keep a Look Out!

If you choose against starting afresh with the pallet racking in your new space, then it is essential that you look out for problems with the system that could turn to be detrimental further down the line. Some of these problems could include:

· Broken or loose components in the system

· Support blocks missing

· Beams that have been poorly welded together

· Rusted or damaged components

Considering these issues, it is essential that you get your pallet racking inspected by a qualified inspector – and ensure that this is carried out annually. This is especially significant if you are working with used pallet racking in your storage space, as there may be a variety of safety issues that have not been properly inspected.

Ask the Team Today!

At DC Space & Storage Solutions, we pride ourselves on our bespoke, end-to-end service for your storage space: from the planning stages, all the way through to the designing, implementing, inspecting and maintenance of the perfect storage solution for your building. Our inspection services also means that you can rest assured that we can offer detailed reported, within 24 hours, of the pallet racking system implemented in your building.

Our accreditations are a testament to our mission to our customers: the ISO45001 is the international standard for occupational health and safety, designed to provide safe and healthy workplaces, and this highlights DC’s promise to continue to commit to the safety of your employees, visitors and customers.

Any questions you may have on all things storage solutions can be answered directly by a member of our team, so contact us today for any questions or queries you may have!

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