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What should I do with old Pallet Racking I have no use for?

Pallet racking is a key asset within most industrial storage spaces and warehouses. There are a multitude of reasons why you may no longer have use for an existing storage system; from wanting to replace the existing system with a new one to accommodate for changing or growing needs, to issues of changing premise and, as such, wanting new racking within your new space. Another, and a harsher reality for needing ideas on what to do with old pallet racking, could be down to failed business. In cases of failed business, if your warehouse is fitted with pallet racking then it is likely that you will need to dispose of these storage systems as productively as possible. Considering the best way to dispose of old or used pallet racking, then, is an important factor to consider.

Disposing of Old Pallet Racking


Ensuring that you are getting rid of pallets responsibly should be priortised, as, for example, selling the old racks to scrap merchants can pose unnecessary environmental hazards. Despite this being the most common first thought in situations where someone wishes to dispose of old pallet racking they no longer have use for due to it being fairly hassle-free, it certainly is not the most ecologically beneficial. As such, there are alternative ways to be considered which ensures you are disposing of old pallet racking responsibly.

Selling second hand pallet racking

Many companies buy second hand pallet racking. In this case, there are certain steps you must follow in order to sell your used pallet racking in a safe manner.

1. Know about the history of your racking

Providing information about the pallets you are selling is essential as it can then be confirmed that the racking conforms to safety standards. Providing documentation relating to your racking is also helpful, as again, this confirms that it the racking is safe to be reused.

Being aware of any repairs done to the storage system, as well as the original installation of the racking is essential here. Again, any further documentation relating to this would be helpful for you in the selling process.

2. Be prepared for racking inspection on what you wish to sell

Once you have confirmed that your used pallet racking is going to be sold, a pallet racking inspector will visit your premise. After this, a price will be drawn on what the buyer thinks is a suitable price.

Choosing to sell to a company that specialises in buying used pallet racking also means that, along with the environmental benefits, means that it is almost certain that you will be getting a better price than if you opted for scrapping.

Our Accreditations & Promise

At DC Space & Storage Solutions, we ensure a top-quality service, as reflected by our accreditations. In fact, our ISO14001 highlights our promise to improve the way businesses use and dispose of natural resources. This means that we constantly aim to reduce the impact on the environment by following guidelines of sustainability within our business. By reducing waste, this standard aims to improve environmental performance by ensuring a more efficient use of resources.

For any questions or queries, or if you would like to request a free, no-obligation estimate on the services you require for your warehouse, contact the team today and put your mind at ease by working with a dedicated and driven team. Call us on 01392 927096, or email us at

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