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What is SEMA?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

SEMA, or the UK’s Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association, promote racking safety within warehouses – from its installation, to its use within your storage space. Since its launch in 1968, SEMA has become the leading and most significant voice on safe storage practice within the UK.

SEMA is considered the professional body for the storage industry, and they make it their mission to ensure racking safety. This private organisation helps to advise all those interested in storage equipment safety.

More on what they offer…

SEMA offer distribution of safety advice, as well as training courses and Code of Practice documents on all racking processes taking place in your warehouse: from installation, to use, inspection and even disassembly of storage equipment.

The members of SEMA prioritise raising the standards within the storage industry, so naturally, a key focus of theirs is offering guides and acting as a point of reference on health and safety within warehouses and storage spaces (also known as the HSE). In fact, SEMA are also a point of reference on storage safety for the local authorities – with the ability to answer the all-important questions on the safety regulations within warehouses.

So, in essence, what they offer you is an approach to your racking system that includes safe designing (to meet SEMA’s rack regulations), safe installation processes by SEMA Accredited Installation Companies (otherwise known as SAIC). Following this, the installation must be maintained adequately by SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARI).

SEMA offer training courses, events, support and membership to cover everything warehouse safety related.


At DC Space & Storage Solutions, we keep safety as our leading priority within our customers’ warehouses, that’s why we make it our mission to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and standards available. To reflect this, DC is proud to be a SEMA Approved Installation Company, and this accreditation illustrates our dedication to delivering the best, and most reliable service, that an be offered.

To qualify for this, DC must demonstrate continuous levels of commitment to the safety standards and regulations offered by SEMA. This accreditation also means that you can rest assured knowing that at DC, we always work to industry codes of practice and ensure annual inspections.

As well as this, DC Space & Storage Solutions are also an accredited SEMA Distributor Company. Qualifying for this SEMA Distributor Company Accreditation involves safety criteria being met on a regular basis.

Did You Know?

DC Space & Storage Solutions are one of the only UK businesses to have achieved both the SEMA Distributor Company accreditation AND be recognised as a SEMA approved installation company.

More About Us

The SEMA accreditations reflects our tireless effort to offer top quality service, every time.

The SEMA accreditation is not the only reflection of our dedication to our customers and their warehouses, we have also achieved many other accreditations, through dedication and a sense of responsibility

Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate on the storage solution that will best fit your warehouse, and rest assured that our SEMA accreditations reflect our dedication to you, your safety, and the quality of our service.

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