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What Is HSG76?

The HSG76 is a guide to health and safety within warehouses and storage spaces. Essentially, it offers guidance on how to reduce the number of accidents and issues of ill-health in warehouses or storage facilities. It covers and addresses a variety of safety issues in such environments: slips, trips, vehicles, manual handling and working at height are some examples.

Primarily, the HSG76 is made for supervisors, managers and those with interest in health and safety within storage facilities, to address those all-important questions on safety within your warehouse. The Health and Safety guide can also be useful to employees – educating workers, managers and representatives on the correct health and safety protocol.

This guide to health and safety was written in conjunction with the Warehousing Health and Safety Forum – and these committees have representations from trade unions and other employer bodies. As such, the broad and most prominent message from his guide is on responsible warehouse practices, general prevention of risks that are avoidable, hazard prevention, as well as information of accident and emergency procedures (in the case of accidents occurring).

Within the HSG76, a vital focus is on Racking inspection and maintenance within warehouses. It details the importance of regular inspection to ensure that racking installations continue to be serviceable and safe. The frequency of these inspections vary depending on a number of factors, and ultimately, this will be determined by the ‘person responsible for racking safety’ (PRRS) within your warehouse.

In addition to the HSG76 detailing the significance of frequent inspections, it also explores the required actions to prepare for any safety problems that may be detected by employees, or by the PRRS. Essentially, it emphasises the systems that must be in place to effectively handle, or even avoid, such issues: from employee training on safe Racking operation, to the necessities of formal risk assessment records being maintained.

On inspection and Racking maintenance, the HSG76 also details the obligation to carry out inspections in intervals of no longer than 12 months. This must be adhered to within all warehouses and storage spaces – and a written report must be submitted to the PRRS with proposals for any action that may be necessary.

Expert inspectors are a necessity within your warehouse or storage space. Regular training is run by SEMA on issues of visual inspections, and more formal courses are accessible to qualify expert inspectors under the SARI scheme (SEMA approved rack inspector).

So, to summarise the most fundamental aspects of what this invaluable 150-page guide covers:

· Health and Safety Welfare

· Inspections and Maintenance

· Materials Handling

· Storage


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the branch of the British government that have the responsibility of covering all things concerning health and safety. Naturally, then, within warehouses and storage spaces, HSE guidelines are accepted as incredibly important.

These guidelines offered by the HSE are guidance documents that offer pragmatic advice on issues of safety. That is, the guidelines offered by the HSE are not law, but instead is trustworthy, reputable advice that is objective and offers sound occupational safety guidelines.

So, why DC?

At DC Space & Storage Solution, we take the safety of our customers as an upmost priority. Our knowledgeable team are well-equipped to answer any questions on health and safety within your warehouse, and this is reflected in our many accreditations.

Our accreditations reflect our passion to deliver the best quality service, products and, ultimately, provide you with a top-quality service whilst always ensuring customer safety. Our bespoke, end-to-end service means that we priortise maintenance and inspection within your warehouse… two factors that should never be overlooked!

Call us today for a free no-obligation estimate on your storage solution – or any queries you may have on matters of health and safety within your warehouse.

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