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What Factors Impact the Prices of Pallet Racking?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Pallet Racking is a significant component of warehouse operation and functionality and there are three key factors which impact its pricing. Selecting the appropriate pallet racking is a multifaceted process and a necessary investment in order to maximise space and logistics, and thus productivity and turnover.

The three key factors, and those that one must give the most consideration are: whether you require new or used racking, the type of pallet rack, and the resulting assembly and manufacturing methods involved.

Types of Pallet Racking:

The most inexpensive option on the market is roll formed selective pallet racking. This offers a simple and low-density storage solution for warehouses or distribution centres that require high selectivity. This racking is available in multiple different configurations and sizes that are compatible with standard handling equipment as needed. A heavier duty version is available in the form of structural selective pallet racking which also offers a higher upright frame and beam capacity. Due to the increased weight and complexity of construction that comes with structural manufacturing, this increases the cost of the racking but still provides an affordable option.

Drive-in racking provides a high density, low selectivity system that allows the use of forklifts to load and unload products. While this option is moderately expensive and ranges from 2-5x the cost per pallet position of roll formed selective pallet racking, it can significantly increase the storage capacity of warehouses that operate on a last in first out (LIFO) basis for homogenous products. Due to the nature of forklift impact and the wear and tear this generates on uprights and load beams, this has a higher longevity when manufactured as structural racking. While increasing the cost of production, this increased durability provides a longer-term gain.

Push back racking is a LIFO high density, low selectivity system that uses carts on an inclined rail to store palletised inventory. Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same end so only one aisle is necessary. This means that as pallets are loaded those at the front, move to the back, and as they are removed those at the back, drop to the front and become accessible. This option, due to the increased parts and complication of production, can be 3-6x as expensive on cost per pallet position as roll formed selective pallet racking.

The final major type of pallet racking is gravity assisted or pallet flow racking. This system uses roller lanes to transport pallets from where they are loaded at the back, to the front for retrieval. Pallets are loaded and unloaded in two separate aisles meaning incoming and outgoing traffic remains uninterrupted, important for high-rotation products. This is the most complicated and thus most expensive type of racking available due to production and assembly costs.

As mentioned above, while the type of pallet racking is the most significant factor influencing cost, the two manufacturing methods available can alter the price. Racking can be made as either roll formed racking, or structural racking.

Manufacturing methods:

Roll formed racking is the standard option and can be used for a variety of common applications. It is made by cold rolling steel into standardised components - horizontal beams which attach to vertical uprights using slots. No additional bolts or fasteners are required meaning it is a much simpler, and therefore less expensive, manufacturing process. It is more susceptible to damage as it is lightweight and made from a thin steel. This is the most inexpensive option.

Structural racking is a heavy-duty steel alternative. It uses hot rolled C channel components that are bolted together during the manufacturing process. It is more complex and thus more expensive to make. It is also a heavier metal which incurs higher shipping costs. The metal used is more resistant to damage, particularly if used in a warehouse that requires the use of forklifts.

Rest assured, here at DC Space & Storage Solutions, we understand the importance of finding the right pallet racking for your company, and are always on hand to help find the best and most affordable outcome for you.

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