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What Factors Impact the Prices of Pallet Racking?

Pallet Racking systems are storage systems that are used to utilise space, allow for easier distribution, and, essentially, maximize productivity within the material handling processes. Cost consideration is a fundamental process for any company, regardless of budget, so being aware of the factors that impact the price of Pallet Racking can help to reduce unnecessary cost and maximize your company’s productivity.

There are a multitude of factors that influence and impact the prices of Pallet Racking; by considering these, your chance of optimizing your flow of products and achieving the best space saving solution is made easier for you!

How much space?

Essentially, there are many variables that influence and impact the cost of Pallet Racking that you require. Inevitably, one of the biggest influences of the price depends on the space that you wish to fill. The size of the Pallet Rack system is naturally one of the primary determiners of the price of the system, and this is completely dependent on the amount of space that you require to be filled. Some clients may only require a replacement of new racks along a wall, whereas others may require the installation of Pallet Racking filling the entire space of their warehouse. Optimising your space, and in turn saving you unnecessary cost by choosing a Pallet Racking system which works best for you, is of paramount importance to us at DC Space & Storage Solutions.

What type of Pallet Racking?

Speaking of the size of the Pallet Racking, certain types of racking are better suited for some spaces than others, depending on what it is that your warehouse requires. These different types of racking introduce with it different and varying costs. Industrial Pallet Racking exists in many different types: adjustable, drive in, push-back… the list goes on. Figuring out which system best meets the needs of your storage requirements influences the number and types of racks you will need, and this decision boils down to the specific requirements of the environment of your warehouse. These three popular forms of Pallet Racking can offer some insight into the potential costs:

Adjustable Pallet Racking: The adaptability of this storage solution means that these can be tailored into most warehouses and distribution spaces. The height of the system, as well as the distance between levels, are decided as a result of your storage requirements, such as the available space and other variables within your warehouse. Naturally, the cost of this form of Pallet Racking depends on your individual requirements.

Drive-In Pallet Racking: Designed to allow access to forklift trucks, allowing them to enter the racks to load and unload storage. This type of Pallet Racking can be considered moderately expensive; however, it is an incredibly effective storage solution which can use up to 85% of available space as storage. Drive-In Racking is known as an excellent warehouse storage system.

Push-back Pallet Racking: These high-density push-back systems are designed to allow for a highly efficient space-saving design. The efficiency of this type of Pallet Racking is often seen by the speed of which it is loaded and unloaded, as opposed to traditional racking. The perceived high-cost of this Pallet Racking system is justified by its very design, with these systems designed to attain up to 100% more storage than regular pallet racking.

Other influences on cost…

There are also other factors that impact the cost of the Pallet Racking system you choose. The physical location of your warehouse, inevitably, is going to play a rather major role in the storage costs. The storage costs on warehouses working in, or close, to London, for instance, is going to be more expensive than most other areas within the UK.

Why choose DC Space & Storage?

DC Space & Storage Solutions design, supply, install, inspect and maintain the type of Pallet Racking that best suit your storage requirements. When considering cost, our services aim to improve your workflow, ultimately, reducing future possible costs by offering an end-to-end bespoke service which corresponds with your desires. With DC’s determination to offer a complete end-to-end solution, we can offer measurable costings which, in turn, offers a solid and comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Contact us and we can provide a no-obligation estimate service that can be used to suit your budget. We can offer a plan on the Pallet Racking that works best for you, ensure maximum productivity within your warehouse and improve the workflow.

So… how much?

Although there is no black and white answer on the price of Pallet Racking for you, being aware of the factors that influence these costs is of paramount importance for your company. By contacting DC Space & Storage solutions, we can offer a clear and strategic plan on the Pallet Racking you require – and, most importantly, the ideal solution for your business!

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