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What Are The Problems With Pallet Racking As A Solution?

Pallet racking systems are extremely popular systems as they can be customised to your warehouse to optimise your space, increase bulk capacity, and improve the safety of your storage space. However, when used incorrectly, pallet racks can be the cause of decreased efficiency, as well as causing major accidents.

Issues with your pallet rack system can result in a loss of efficiency, as well as product loss and workplace injuries. Considering the problems that can occur with the pallet racking within your storage space is essential in preventing these risks, and as is considering the needs of your space before selecting your system.

Don’t Exceed Capacities

Sticking to the weight and capacity load of your pallet racking is important in avoiding potential problems. The weight limit varies depending on its size and the materials of the supports. Avoiding issues like this ensures better safety for your workers, as well as preventing lost work time.

Do You Have Enough?

Buying more than enough racking (as opposed to too little) avoids your employees having to force wedge pallets onto racks, which compromises the safety of the system. Buying more than enough means that as your company continues to grow, you will have spare racking to adjust to these requirements. Anticipating company growth allows for the additional racks that you have to be installed before they even become necessary.

Minimising Risks

Naturally, large warehouses and smaller warehouses differ - high product turnover occurs in the former, and low turnover in the latter. Depending on aspects such as the diversity of products in your warehouse will also affect the type of racking system that works best for you, in order for the movement to be efficient.

Another aspect to consider is that pallet racking may not be the only answer to your storage problem: other types of storage may be necessary to implement, such as containers.

Knowing Your Stuff

Knowing the different systems available to you: pallet flow racks, mobile pallet racks, drive-in pallet racks and more, is important when choosing the perfect one. Choosing the appropriate solution for your space may seem like a challenge because of the various options, so consulting with one of our experts allows you that peace of mind that you’re receiving expert knowledge, and a top-quality service.

Creating a Safety Culture

Working with equipment such as forklifts and other large machinery means that it is very possible for pallet racking to be damaged. Over time, this can have catastrophic consequences to the safety of your warehouse – even resulting in large collapses if left unattended. In order to avoid this, emphasising the significance amongst your team of reporting damage to your pallet rack is vital. Be sure not to avoid the problems of damaged racking.

A way to create an effective safety system amongst the workers in your warehouse is creating an easy and efficient way of reporting damage. Employees being carefully trained to report any damage, however small it may seem, creates a safer environment for workers.

Maintaining Your Pallet Racking

A fundamental aspect of minimising the risks and problems that comes with pallet racking is ensuring that you keep up with regular inspections and maintenance protocol. Depending on the type of racking, inspections must be carried out accordingly and often. The Health and Safety (HSE) state that a ‘technically competent’ person should be carrying out independent racking inspections, at intervals no longer than 12 months.

At DC, we offer a bespoke end-to-end service – with safety and service at the heart of everything we do. As a SEMA Approved Installation Company, your project is in safe hands from the designing and planning process, all the way through to the inspection and maintenance.

Contact Us Today…

Talking to an expert is important when it comes to choosing the right systems for your space, as well as the potential problems that can occur within your warehouse with pallet racking. That’s why, here at DC, we offer a free, no-obligation service estimate. Talk to our team today, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your storage solution questions. We’re always happy to help!

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