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What are the Different Types of Mezzanine Pallet Gates?

Mezzanine pallet gates are a piece of equipment that allow you to safely transfer goods to and from your mezzanine floor. They are designed to allow you to load a pallet onto the floor whilst maintaining a barrier from an open edge, in order to prevent any safety issues, such as the warehouse operative falling off the floor.

Up and over pallet gates

This is the most popular solution for mezzanine pallet gates. It’s a fully mechanical, easily operated, solution designed to accommodate standard pallet sizes. The pallet gate is moved into position to accept the pallet, and then once loaded it is swung over to allow the operative access to the goods. It ensures there is a permanent barrier between its operative and the floor.

Oversized up and over pallet gates

These work on the same principle as regular up and over pallet gates but are designed to accommodate larger pallet sizes. They are again mechanically operated, but take up a larger floor space and require a greater overhead space to allow for the movement of the gate.

Pulley style pallet gates

These are a common choice for accommodating larger pallets. Moving away from the up and over style, they use a pulley system that allows the operative to lift up a barrier on the gate. They are an option that is easier to use, but more expensive to implement.

Swing gate pallet gates

Traditional swing gates have been banned from mezzanine floors as they don’t offer a permanent edge, but they have been replaced with an inset swing gate. The gate is instead inset into the floor and set back so that the pallet remains guarded by the side with a handrail. This takes up more space than a traditional pallet gate but requires less vertical height so are advantageous in an environment where that is restricted.

Pallet gates are the most popular solution to transfer goods between mezzanine levels on a warehouse floor as they are cost effective, easy to use, and there are multiple options. They maintain employee safety at all times by ensuring employee separation from hazards and potential falls.

Here at DC Space and Storage Solutions, we are able to offer a bespoke service to design and configure your mezzanine floors with pallet gating that suits your individual needs, requirements, and budget. DC is extremely proud to be a SEMA Approved Installation Company and a SEMA Approved Distributor, as well as being Altius Assured, Safe Contractor Approved, and having 3 ISO Accreditations (ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 9001). You can rest assured that by choosing to work with DC you are putting safety at your core and working to the highest industry standards.

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