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We don't have any load signs so can you just send some along?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We had a new client call us up today who has never had an inspection before on their industrial pallet racking and asked us to just simply supply load signs to help them comply with a recent health and safety audit failure.

They couldn't understand why we just didn't show up, drop them some load signs and let them sort this! We explained that we can't do this as the process is the annual completion of a formal external racking inspection by a competent person before we can issue load signage.

There are many technical aspects to ensuring that load signage is correct and fit for purpose in any particular application. This can include items such as first beam level height, racking frame duty, size of racking beams, adequate leg protection. Dates and ref of installation etc.

Be sure you have a suitable racking maintenance plan in place to comply with your insurance requirements and health and safety policy which will include your legal duty of care towards everyone around your operations.

Just by the it happens there was a lot of damage which had to be corrected meantime along with the load signs installation! Be smart, be racking safe.

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