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Use, Components, and Advantages of Cantilever Racking

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Cantilever racking is a heavy-duty storage system, designed to provide a storage solution for long, bulky, and awkward materials. It is an open faced style racking system free of obstructions which enables its unique configurations and a completely flexible option for storing items that are unable to be kept in other racking systems. They have a very high storage density and allow you to make the most of space available despite holding such bulky items. Cantilever racking can be used indoors or outdoors.

When is cantilever racking most useful?

Cantilever racking provides an alternative storage solution for materials that are unconventional in their size, height, or weight, and can thus greatly improve the efficiency and storage capacity of a warehouse.

One of the most significant benefits is the wide ranging load capacity of cantilever racking, particularly in regard to non-palletised items. Trying to store these items just on the floor, for example, is both an inefficient use of space, and a huge safety concern. Cantilever racking stores these items and enables seamless product retrieval and warehouse operation.

Due to their construction without shelving or a front support column, the arms of the racking are easily adjustable using a hair pin system. This means that it is a quickly adjustable and customisable solution that can change as fast as your own needs do. This design also enables forklifts and other material handling equipment to access items directly.

The racking reduces the need for dependence on pallet racks, offering a flexible and alternative solution. A galvanised option can be created for outdoor use and raw materials due to its extra durability. It is an ideal solution for heavyweight inventory that may not be suitable for storage in other racking systems as it can support up to 36,000 lbs.

Cantilever racking also specifically increases the vertical capacity of a warehouse by offering multiple storage levels and greater efficiency of space usage. Materials placed up high in the racking system are still easily accessible due to the open nature of the racking and its accessibility via material handling equipment.

The components of cantilever racking:

Cantilever racking systems are usually made up of cantilever bases, uprights, arms, and braces. These all vary depending on the desired weight capacity and amount and style of inventory. One of the most notable features of this racking system is the lack of a supporting front upright column, but this allows direct access to materials by forklifts. They are usually configured as either single, or double sided. Single sided racks are situated against a wall and are only accessible from one point. Double sided racks are positioned back to back and have two aisle access points. Cantilever racking comes in a variety of materials, including steel, roll formed, or structural.

Cantilever bases act as the anchor of the racking system. Due to their unique design without front uprights, they require heavy duty bases to bolt to the warehouse floor and hold them in place. One benefit of this is, however, that you can store objects on the bases, increasing your storage capacity.

Cantilever uprights are typically made from heavy-gauge steel bars and they attach to the bases. They can be used to create either single or double sided designs, allowing materials to be stored on both sides of the rack and multiplying its capacity.

The rack arms connect to uprights and extend out, creating the level that materials are stored on. Arms can be constructed to sit straight, or on an incline, to ensure materials are unable to roll off. Wire decking can be added on top in order to secure smaller items.

Braces provide additional support, stabilising the cantilever, either horizontally or diagonally. They are often situated between uprights in order to provide maximum support.

No matter your individual needs, you can rest assured that here at DC Space & Storage Solutions, we understand the importance of finding the right pallet racking for your company, and are always on hand to help find the best and most affordable outcome for you.

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