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Use, Components, Advantages: Long Span Shelving

Long Span shelving has a modular design, and fast, easy assembly, meaning you can reach maximum storage capacity regardless of your space. The height and storage configuration of a long span system can be adjusted and reconfigured as your requirements change or grow.

It is a unique storage system designed for small and medium sized items. It has a number of different applications, ranging from warehouse to office environments, and from low level hand-loaded shelving, to high-rise tiered systems. Products are stored and retrieved manually from a drum, box, or carton.

The units are manufactured from a range of materials; either mesh, steel, or chipboard. Modern systems have bolt-free locking systems to secure support beams. This makes it durable and safer for employees. This also makes it easier to adjust the height and customise your shelves at any stage.

It is your best storage option if your business deals with goods that cannot be stored in pallet racks. They are particularly useful when shelving goods that cannot be moved by use of conveyors or forklifts.

The most distinctive feature of long span shelving is that it gives workers the ability to store and retrieve items manually, when products are small and light enough for handling.

An advantage of long span shelving is that because it is such a lightweight solution, it is very durable and can be moved around the warehouse with little effort or maintenance.

They also utilise vertical storage space very effectively as they can be multi-tiered, increasing the capacity of your warehouse.

These shelving units also use fewer posts than other storage units, allowing easy access to goods and straightforward moving and storing of goods.

If you’re looking for a more lightweight solution to pallet racking, long span shelving can offer an affordable, adjustable, and advantageous solution for your storage needs. DC Space & Storage Solutions are able to provide advice during all stages of your storage solution installation process, and offer bespoke warehouse design advice to ensure you end up with the right solution for you.

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