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Top Ideas to Prevent Pallet Rack Damage

Damage to your installed Pallet Racking system has the potential to negatively affect your company’s efficiency, storage space and your overall work flow and production. Most importantly, damaged racking can be dangerous for your personnel to work around. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations of 1998 states that employers are bound by a legal obligation to routinely inspect any work equipment which can deteriorate or be damaged. Ensuring that your racking installation is safe and serviceable means that regular inspection is a necessity.

But, fear not… there are preventative measures that you can take within your warehouse that can significantly decrease the chances of this damage causing serious issues to the efficiency of your storage system, and, ultimately, reducing the potential of excess costs for your company, as well as potential harm to your employees. There are many different degrees of rack damage – identifying and being aware when this damage is severe enough to address is a crucial element of maintaining your storage systems.

Prevention is better than cure…

To reduce the chances of this damage happening, there are preventative measures that can be taken:

Rack Protection Systems: Pallet racking safety accessories are designed to help protect your system from damage and to maintain further damage in the event of an accident. These safety accessories can exist in the form of column protectors, guard racks or safety barriers – taking the simple measure of installing these can make a big difference in preventing damage from occurring. Specifically, the ends of the rack can be particularly vulnerable, so installing these correct forms of protection can retain the integrity of your storage structure and avoid serious accidents, even in the case where collisions do occur.

Choosing the Right Type of Racking: Ensuring that the right pallet racking system is installed to meet your needs, requirements and workflow is of paramount importance when considering pallet rack damage. Not just will choosing the right type of racking allow for efficiency and productivity, but it will also ensure that the operations within your warehouse happen safely as the installed pallet racking meets your needs and has been adequately planned, alongside safety considerations, from the very beginning of the planning process. DC Space & Storage Solutions offer a complete design of how your industrial space should work, with the help of our independent consultants to ensure that maximum efficiency is a direct result of your bespoke plan!

Load Capacities: Adhering to load capacities is crucial. Pallets should never be overloaded with goods that exceed its capacity. Exceeding the load capacity could compromise the stability of your entire warehouse, and runs the risk of rack tipping or damage to the structure of your storage solution. Using clear labels on your racking system to avoid confusion on load-bearing can also avoid issues arising with load capacity.

Inspections: As previously mentioned, inspections are crucial and are a legal responsibility. Ensuring that inspections are completed routinely must be a priority for any company working with pallet racking. Health and safety inspectors will require pallet rack inspections to be carried out every 12 months. The end-to-end service offered by DC Space and Storage Solutions covers this area for you – with routine inspections reducing the stress on your end.

Ultimately, DC offers a bespoke maintenance service which ensures that we will maintain your installed storage system to the highest level. Keeping your personnel safe from harm is a top priority for us, and we ensure that this is reflected through our maintenance and inspection promise.

We’re here to help!

Following these methods of prevention are crucial when considering safety, cost and productivity. Damage to your pallet systems can be costly, so following the tips mentioned above could mean a serious reduction in costs – allowing for your hard-earned money to be invested elsewhere in your business!

Working with DC Storage and Solutions means that you will have access to end-to-end storage solutions: from the comprehensive designing stages of the storage solutions tailored to you, all the way through to the annual inspection and maintenance of the storage. The annual racking inspection, offered by DC Storage and Solutions, offers you peace of mind as our technology-based inspection software can give you detailed reports on your industrial storage within 24 hours. The inspection and maintenance elements are crucial for your warehouse’s efficiency, and ultimately, your business.

No matter what measures are taken to prevent pallet rack damage, accidents can, and likely will, happen. DC Space & Storage Solutions are determined to minimize the damage in the case of accidents and maintain and repair your storage system to the highest level.

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