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What is Mesh Partitioning?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Mesh partitioning is also known as internal warehouse fencing, and is largely used to divide and subdivide areas within a factory or warehouse. It is a highly effective method through which to maximise your existing floorspace without needing to intrude on operation with a big movement or construction project. Mesh partitions are a fully adaptable solution which can fit any requirements you may have, and can always be adjusted on site if your needs change.

Most notably, mesh partitioning is used to increase security and safety within commercial premises. Their benefits are different to those offered by steel partitioning, particularly where they do not block natural light, and allow for sprinkler systems to work still. Their uses include restricting access to areas, securing items of value, storing hazardous objects, and securing machinery.

They are also beginning to be used in order to create a secure area in which to contain automated and robotic equipment to prevent its disruption and protect it from any accidental damage. They can also be positioned around a mezzanine floor to create extra edge protection. It can also be installed not just as a divider but also as a durable barrier against accidents in the form of anti-collapse mesh. This is positioned at the back of pallet rackings to prevent goods from falling.

Mesh partitioning is configured with a frame around its exterior and wire internally, and is installed using support posts. These posts provide a strong, secure, and quick to install solution and can be spaced exactly as required. They are installed with doors which can have any range of locking or opening methods depending on your need for security.

It is offered in both galvanised or painted options, depending on the exposure it will receive to the elements, and thus the durability it requires. It comes in multiple different sizes and specifications based on its application.

DC Space and Storage Solutions are the best option to provide your mesh partitioning as with over 30 years’ experience in the racking and storage industry, we have huge expertise in delivering high quality, expert mesh partitioning to businesses of all sizes. With bespoke designs and a wide range of versatile solutions available, we can recommend the best partitioning solution for your business. Speak to one of our experts today and find out how mesh partitioning could be the ideal solution for your business!

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