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The Best Safety Products to Use With Pallet Racking

Here at DC Space and Storage Solutions our “Safe Home Everyday” scheme is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that the racking we install is as safe as possible for you and your employees. We are one of very few companies in the UK to be a SEMA approved distributor and installation company, with the ability to offer SEMA and SARI inspections to our clients.

SEMA is the Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association and provides SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARIs) to ensure your racking is in safe and good working order. SEMA promotes a cyclic approach to the safety and maintenance of your racking system through its regulations, installations, and inspections. This ensures that we, at DC, are trained to the highest standards and are able to ensure not only effective installation, but also effective maintenance of both racking and additional safety features.

Additional safety features we provide alongside offering SARI inspections and additional repairs include; Column Guards, Frame Barriers, Timber Decks, Mesh Decks, and Anti-Collapse Mesh.

Any impact upon pallet racking, whether forklift or otherwise, can damage it and render it no longer safe to use. Safety products can prevent this compromisation of storage capacity and reduce costs needed to repair damage. This can be a preventative measure not just in its physical protection of racking, but also with bold, obvious, protectors providing an increased reminder of susceptible bump points.

What are Column Guards?

Column Guards are installed alongside pallet racking and are bolted to each upright, or the floor around the uprights. They also come in safety colours to provide increased visibility and help prevent collision as well as protect in the event of it. They resist forklift impact and protect the upright beams from being weakened and damaged, ensuring safety within your warehouse and the longevity of your pallet racking system.

What are Frame Barriers?

Frame Barriers are designed to protect workers, racking, and buildings from collision with moving objects such as forklifts or delivery vehicles. These barriers protect against and have high impact absorption, reinforcing the stability of racking systems at the ends, in the area most commonly damaged through accidental impact.

What are Timber Decks?

Timber Decks can be crafted in either a close boarded or slatted style. The close boarded style is a solid floor of wood on which goods are stored. Slatted timber decking acts as a permanent pallet across the whole level of racking. Pallets are then placed on top of this decking, allowing for extra safety and security in the storage of goods by preventing anything from falling through. It also creates an additional barrier and allows for heavy-duty storage.

What are Mesh Decks?

Mesh Decks are made up of steel wiring and rest on top of pallet racking beams. They provide an additional layer of support on weakened pallets and prevent items from falling through. They also permit the free flowing of air, making them ideal for cold storage solutions, as well as being safer than wooden options as it is more effective with sprinkler systems.

What is Anti-Collapse Mesh?

Anti-Collapse Mesh attaches to the back end of pallet racking or shelving in order to prevent both entire pallets and individual stock items from falling. It allows full visibility still, and does not prevent the effective function of sprinkler systems.

We, at DC Space and Storage Solutions, are committed to providing you with not only the most effective solutions for your pallet racking needs, but also at the same time ensuring that they are as safe and secure as possible through additional features, maintenance and inspections.

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