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Should I buy new or used racking for my install?

Updated: Jan 27

Here's’ our many answers to your 1 question! It can be a little more complicated than first thought!


1. Possibly Lower cost although currently that is debatable with the current supply situation.


1. SEMA rules only allow their approved Installation Companies to get involved with new product Installs for Installation guarantees.

2. 130% Super deduction Tax relief can be applied

3. Repair parts won’t be obsolete if product is available now.

4. There are usually manufacturers guarantees with the product.

5. All the parts are available for the complete build including all impact protection products.

6. There is a known quality/ Integrity with the brand from the supplier.

7. Finance options are available to cover new purchases.

8. Insurance companies always cover new installations.

Maybe this helps to answer the question yourself?

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