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Main Causes and Solutions of Pallet Racking Damage

A Pallet Rack can be damaged due to several reasons, and in a variety of ways. Considering the main causes of Pallet Rack damage, which can subsequently result in its collapse, is one of the most important pieces of knowledge to equip yourself with to prevent potential irreparable damage occurring in your storage space.

Main Causes:

Forklift Damage: Perhaps the leading cause of Pallet Rack damage, Forklifts offer fantastic efficiency within your warehouse by helping you move heavy loads across distances. They can, however, be the cause of warehouse rack accidents. Despite being automised vehicles that offer an array of benefits for the efficiency within your warehouse, this equipment may not always function as expected, and this can sometimes result in damage while in action. Internal damages to your forklift can result in crashes into pallet racks, consequently resulting in their collapse.

Errors in Installation: Pallet Rack installation is, by all accounts, a complex process. The planning of the installation is crucial in preventing Pallet Rack damage and collapse, and as is the designing, installation and maintenance of your storage solution. That’s why at DC Space & Storage Solutions, we pride ourselves on our bespoke end-to-end service that we offer our customers – ensuring top quality service, inspections and maintenance to minimise the potential risks of errors in the installation process.

Issues with Design: We understand that every storage solution design is different, depending on the desired outcome of your storage space. Custom designs according to your warehouse is pivotal in reducing Pallet Rack damage and collapse as not all standard racks will be suitable for specific requirements. If any design factors that are suitable to your storage space are overlooked or not implemented correctly, then this increases the risk of sudden rack collapse. There’s no ‘one fits all’ storage solution!

Preventative Measures:

Despite the numerous causes of Pallet Rack damage and the negative affect this can have on the efficiency of your business, there are many preventative measures that can be taken to decrease the chances of this causing serious issues for your warehouse. So, let’s consider them:

Rack Protection: At DC, we understand and prioritise the importance of safety within your warehouse. A small investment in rack protection can help prevent and avoid warehouse rack collapse, and prevent the issue of running in to further costs down the line. Rack protection installation like aisle-column protection, or end-of-aisle protection, minimises this risk and allows your warehouse to operate safely. As the saying goes, ‘’safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless’’, and this rings particularly true if you are considering investing in rack protection to prevent potentially hazardous conditions in your warehouse.

Speed Limits: Adhering to regulations within your warehouse, such as speed limit, is incredibly important in preventing rack damage. High-speed forklift operations can cause serious and irreparable damage to your warehouse, and more importantly, to your employees. As such, clear and safe speed limitations must be established and understood amongst the employees of your warehouse.

Operator Training: Training your operators adequately prevents inexperienced operators making detrimental mistakes due to panic. Adequate and thorough training reduces the risk of human error causing serious damage to your Pallet Racking.

Aisle Clearance and Visibility: A large number of warehouse accidents that occur can be accredited to a lack of aisle visibility and clearance. Obstacles and cluttered racks are a result of poor space planning. This can be prevented by ensuring that spacious aisles are implemented during the rack design itself. This allows for clear paths, increasing visibility, and allowing for smooth operations.

Planning Ahead with DC!

Essentially, the planning, designing, installation and maintenance of your Pallet Rack system dictates the likelihood of your warehouse experiencing issues of Pallet Rack damage, and possibly even collapse. Equally, as is adhering to safety regulation such as aisle visibility, and speed limits.

Our accreditations highlight our passion to ensure optimal efficiency, whilst considering safety as the most important factor within your warehouse. Contact our team today for a no-obligation estimate, and we can discuss the correct storage solution for you. You can rest assured that our dedication to our customers means that we stop at nothing to minimise issues of Pallet Rack damage and collapse!

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