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Is my floor strong enough to take industrial storage racking?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This is a good question and an important consideration often overlooked when taking on an old property or any property where you do not know the thickness of the concrete floor and want to install Industrial storage racking.

The issue for consideration here is the point loading of the industrial racking frame feet. If you have too much load on a specific point of concrete you could end up crushing that point and destabilising the industrial storage solution. This is clearly dangerous and an issue which must not be overlooked.

It is very simple to arrange to have a core sample drilled into the concrete floor and a technical analysis provided to you so the calculations can be made to ensure the floor is suitable for the point loading racking structure which is to be applied to it.

This is easily obtained and there are plenty of providers just ask the experts and we can help you to ensure you have a suitable safe solution to your industrial storage requirements.

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