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Is Galvanised Racking Right For Me?

What is galvanised racking?

Galvanisation is the process of creating a protective zinc coating around steel, in order to prevent the buildup of rust and slow down corrosion.

Steel rusts due to oxidisation, a chemical process which occurs due to exposure to the elements and changing environments, or when the metal is used outside.

Steel is best protected with hot-dip galvanisation, where all the surfaces are coated in zinc. Zinc acts as sacrificial protection and corrodes very slowly, preventing the steel underneath from rusting.

Why choose galvanised racking?

  • Galvanised racking is stronger, more robust, and safer.

  • Galvanised racking has a much longer lasting lifespan than regular steel, and its durability means it can perform effectively outdoors in all weather conditions..

  • While it is a more expensive option than regular steel, it can save on time and labour as an alternative to painting or other protection methods.

  • It is a very low maintenance option due to its extensive lifespan and durability.

  • Galvanised racking is subject to strict regulations and is manufactured to national and international standards.

  • It has superior abilities to support weight, decreasing the risk of damage, weakness, and collapse.

  • The long life span and reduction in needing to produce replacement steel makes it a much more sustainable option than regular racking.

  • There will be no weak spots due to irregular protection coating because it is done at the manufacturing level.

When is it most effective?

Galvanised racking behaves differently in different environments, and will only provide a real benefit in certain operations. It performs best in environments which alternate between wet and dry conditions, and worst in humid conditions. This means its application is recommended for use outdoors, or in a frozen storage system, but not a regular cold storage system.

Cantilever racking is most commonly used outdoors as a solution for storing unconventional materials, so galvanised steel would be a very effective addition to this pallet racking system. It offers a highly durable and robust system for outdoor storage and distribution due to its strength, longevity, and weather resistance.

While it can be tricky to work out which system is best for you, DC Space & Storage Solutions offer a bespoke end-to-end service and can advise on all aspects of choosing a racking system and its finish. Contact us today with any enquiries on 01392 927096, or email us at

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