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Is a Narrow Aisle system worth the hassle to run?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

What a fantastic and honest question from a client this week...!

All the client could see was expensive forklifts, extra training and hassle with racking changes.

The actual truth of course can be completely different. It depends on the size of your storage space but a narrow aisle system is almost always worth it when you start to scale the size and space within your operation.

Space can be one of the most expensive single line items you will pay for in your business over a period of time. It is always one of your primary costs and you must use it to maximum efficiency in your business. If this involves changing a forklift to a narrow aisle machine rather than a reach truck or counterbalance paid for over 5 years then so be it...! A days training for 3 persons is probably not more than £250 so it's a simple decision isn't it?

Once you are helped to challenge your traditional logic barriers the decision process is easy. Make a step today and reconsider your layout. Maybe you can use existing racking and existing forklifts even?

Challenge your thinking and call us for a free on-site consultation on your layout and processes.

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