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How to Choose an Industrial Partition

Partitions can be designed and manufactured with a variety of qualities, depending on your desired configuration and application of the partition. Partitions can be used to improve the quality of your workspace by providing noise control or dust control. They can be used to provide amenities for workers, by creating a separate office space or washroom and break room facilities. They can be heavy duty to keep hazardous equipment isolated and protect your workers from potential harm. They can also be used to separate high value products or equipment from the rest of the warehouse. Therefore, before choosing your industrial partition, you must consider its prime purpose and your priorities for the installation.

The different applications for your industrial partition are all made from different materials, with single steel, double steel, mesh, and yellow cage, all being options posing different advantages. Office areas can have glass panels installed to ensure a full vision and control of your segregated area.

Mesh partitioning is also known as internal warehouse fencing and is largely used to divide and subdivide areas within a factory or warehouse. Most notably being is used to increase security and safety within commercial premises by sectioning off hazards. They are also beginning to be used in order to create a secure area in which to contain automated and robotic equipment to prevent its disruption and protect it from any accidental damage. They can be positioned around a mezzanine floor to create extra edge protection. It can also be installed not just as a divider but also as a durable barrier against accidents in the form of anti-collapse mesh. It is offered in both galvanised or painted options, depending on the exposure it will receive to the elements, and thus the durability it requires. Mesh partitioning will not block natural light or inhibit sprinkler systems.

Steel partitioning is commonly used as an economic way to create offices, control spaces, or welfare facilities within a larger work environment. Steel partitions can be installed as a single or double ‘skin’ to increase stability and safety.

The main benefits of a single skin steel partition are in regard to its cost effectiveness, and fast installation. It is a modular and flexible option that offers strength and durability at a lower price point, but can still be customised with safety glass, doors, and locking.

Double skin steel partitions are preferred where there are additional performance requirements, such as fire ratings and sound or thermal insulation. It has a flush-faced skin on both sides and allows insulation to be fitted between the two layers. It also offers a much more aesthetically pleasing finish than single skin options. This is a more expensive option.

There is also the option to have a bright yellow cage variety so that dangerous or hazardous HAZCHEM items such as chemicals can be separated, as can many other types of specifically identifiable products or high value goods.

You may also need to consider consulting your insurance provider to ensure you have the correct containment facility at your premises. This is an area which is often overlooked, and it would be best to find out first before you spend any resources to ensure you have the correct partition application on your site.

Here at DC Space and Storage Solutions, we are able to provide bespoke warehouse design advice and consultations to help you decide which partition will be the most effective within your warehouse. Get in touch today for a free quotation and to start your warehouse redesign journey at 01392 927096 or at

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