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Do you need an industrial partition but not sure how to choose?

Updated: Jan 27

Partitions come in a variety of qualities depending on which aspect is needed for your particular application. There are partitions which control noise there are partitions which control dust and also a type which will provide segregation for dangerous or high value equipment.

The main thing to consider is the prime purpose of your new contained area. Steel partitions are strong, cost sensitive and come in single or double wall thickness with or without insulation. There is also the option to have a bright yellow cage variety so that HAZCHEM items such as chemicals can be separated, as can many other types of specifically identifiable products or high value goods.

Office areas can have glass panels installed to ensure a full vision and control of your segregated area. Steel wall panels for production areas can be excellent at removing or reducing dust therefore providing contamination free atmospheres. Bright yellow caged areas are excellent for holding dangerous or hazardous chemicals. You may need to consider consulting your insurance provider to ensure you have the correct containment facility at your premises. This is an area which is often overlooked and it would be best to find out first before you spend any resources to ensure you have the correct partition application on your site.

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