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Deckboards? Why should I use deck boards on my racking?

Updated: Jan 27

The point and purpose of having deck boards on your industrial storage racking system is so that you enhance the safety related to spreading loads out across the whole platform area.

One hidden reason which you may not initially associate with deck boards is that many

pallets especially imported products on imported pallets are not necessarily made for the EU / UK market or are bespoke for the product.

Imports from foreign countries who do not share the same standardisation as the UK will produce and ship product on many different types and sizing of pallets.

Not only do the pallets vary in size they also greatly vary in quality and as we are dealing with structures and structural stability this is a very important area for your consideration when loading pallets on to your industrial racking.

You must check the type, size and quality of your pallets to ensure that they are fit for purpose to be placed directly onto your racking beams. If this is not the case then you must consider either using a slave pallet or obtain decking boards so that your product is stored in a safe manner.

You also need to ensure that you use the correct thickness of timber and that the board has been made to a specific grade to take a specific number of kilos for your particular application. You can get closed board or open board decks so speak your racking specialist to discuss the options and figure out the right solution for you.

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