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Why Should I Use Deck Boards on My Racking?

Using timber deck boards can enhance your warehouse operation and maximise capacity, as well as increasing the safety of your pallet racking.

Attempting to maintain flexible and efficient storage can be particularly demanding when products come in non-standardised pallets or varying sizes. Imports from foreign countries who do not share the same standardisation as the UK may produce and ship products on many different types and sizing of pallets, so this is a good solution when working with pallets that are not necessarily consistent with your warehouse pallet spaces.

You must check the type, size and quality of your pallets to ensure that they are fit for purpose to be placed directly onto your racking beams. If this is not the case then using deck boards is an effective solution to ensure that your product is stored in a safe manner. It guarantees that nothing is at risk of falling through the beams after being improperly positioned or too small for its space, and would prevent damage in the event that a pallet were to collapse as the decking would catch it.

There are two types of timber deck boards; open timber racking and closed timber racking. Open timber racking allows for airflow, correct working of sprinkler systems, and is a cheaper solution as there are spaces between each deck board. Closed timber racking is more effective for safely storing small or loose goods, as the timbers are positioned directly next to each other and allow storage directly on top.

These different configurations also greatly impact the load bearing capacity of the decking, so this is another significant consideration to examine. You also need to ensure that you use the correct thickness of timber and that the board has been made to a specific grade to take a specific number of kilos for your particular application in order to ensure its safe employment. Timber can also be either Class 0 or Class 1 fire protection, limiting surface spread of flames and the amount of heat released, which will further aid your warehouse safety.

Timber decking is a very versatile option as it is flexible in size and fit, so can be adapted to fit any size racking. It is also a durable and resilient solution that provides a sturdy option to hold your goods.

Here at DC Space and Storage Solutions, we are able to provide bespoke warehouse design solutions and ensure that you get the most out of your space. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation or quote! Email or call 01392 927096.

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