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Can I use my NA racking as VNA racking in the future so that I don’t have to purchase again?

Updated: Jan 27

NA = Narrow Aisle VNA = Very Narrow Aisle

The simple answer to this question is yes. It is completely possible to reconfigure your NA racking so that you can have a new layout or set up in your warehousing or distribution area.

Many companies are unsure about the future and simply want the right solution for now with the potential of setting up a warehouse in the completely different way at a later date.

It is very important that any solution purchased is fit for purpose for the current time but also future-proofed so that any return on investment is maximised throughout the lifetime of the product being bought.

Too many clients are admitting currently that they have thought only for today and not for tomorrow, but the recent Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need to consider the impossible when planning or future-proofing your business.

Simply put, the change from narrow aisle (NA) to very narrow aisle (VNA) is simply reducing the width of the aisle and changing the forklifts so you can maximize the area in your warehouse very quickly.

The only consideration which must be taken into account is the type of system chosen as some manufacturers state that their products are not interchangeable thereby seeking to increase their sales!!

Our vision as a company at DC Space & Storage Solutions Ltd is simply this… Industrial Space… Optimised.

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