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Can I extend my Mezzanine floor by bolting on to an existing floor without adding extra posts?

Updated: Jan 27

The answer is simple… It depends! The question depends on whether you have the original drawings to discover whether you have a perimeter beam in place or a standard beam into which cleats can be fastened so that you can extend the new row of floor joists from the existing beam in place.

It may seem and look simple to expand an existing mezzanine floor but there are potential issues around the existing structure and building regulations based on the existing floor original install date and current building regs standards.

Ideally you don’t really want to disturb the existing fireproofing to expose the beam to find out so the original plans are the fastest and safest way to determine whether you can extend your existing floor without having to put double posts at the point where the floor is extended.

The simplest way is to place a new floor on its own posts up tight against the existing floor and continue the same level so that it seems like a seamless flow above although it is actually a separate free standing structure alongside the original existing floor.

On a recent install we also discovered before any commencement works that the ground floor had underfloor heating pipes so it just goes to show that thorough research is invaluable and can save you a lot and of time and trouble if researched correctly beforehand!

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