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Industrial Safety Inspections

If you want someone to check your pallet racking, shelving, or cantilever racking for safety, contact us at Direct Connection. We offer annual safety inspections for all types of storage equipment at reasonable prices. We complete inspections to SEMA standards and generate a report using the Red, Amber & Green system. If you want to find out what our reports include, take a look below.

Annual safety inspections

RED – Indicates the damage/fault found which warrants immediate offloading of the damaged equipment. Equipment must be taken out of use until repaired.

AMBER – Indicates the damage/fault found which warrants a repair within 4 weeks. Once stock has been removed from the damaged area it must not be placed back.

GREEN – Indicates the damage/fault found which is within the required limits. This must be monitored closely for any additional damage.

Reports are sent along with a quotation to complete the required repairs. Contact us now for more information.