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Helping you to organise your business with Pallet Racking

If you’re looking for pallet racking in South West England, then why not give DC Space & Storage Solutions a call?

Our pallet racking systems can be easily adapted to your business and hold large or small items, from boxes and pallets to carpets and storage drums. If you’re struggling to identify how much pallet racking you require, then speak to our experienced installation team.

For bespoke pallet racking, our designers are on hand to work with you to ensure you and your business receives the perfect racking system. Our design team takes in a variety of factors, including:

• Item/load size and weight
• Inventory accessibility
• Floor space and building height
• Desired storage density
• Inventory rotation

We can supply you with all necessary pallet racking products, including:

• Pick and deposit stations
• Shelf supports
• Drum chocks
• Coil cradles
• Pallet drawers
• Chipboard, timber or steel shelves
• Foot supports
• Fork spacers
• Footplates
• Upright protectors
• Rack-end protectors
• Truck guide rails
• Safety mesh screens

Need new pallet racking for your business in Somerset or Devon? Call DC Space & Storage Solutions on