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Maximise space in your business premises with our Mezzanine Flooring

If you’re looking to expand your business premises without having to move property or carry out a new building project, then mezzanine flooring is the ideal solution for you.

Mezzanine flooring is ideal for creating new space and can be used for a variety of issues, from generating a new office floor to warehouse storage. Using a full CAD design service, each mezzanine is designed and constructed to your precise specifications and requirements, including the necessary weight load.

Our installation team will fit your new mezzanine flooring to the highest of standards and with minimal disruption to the running of your business. You don’t need to worry about health and safety, as we will also manage all building regulations, fire proofing and safety compliance.

We offer a number of mezzanine floors.

Retail mezzanine flooring

Whether you need more room to store stock or want to add more retail and selling space to your business, our bespoke, retail mezzanine flooring is the ideal solution.

Industrial mezzanine flooring

Let us help you increase productivity within your warehouse with a mezzanine floor. We offer various options for expansion for your business.

Multi-tier mezzanine floors

If your business premises has a high ceiling, then why not make use of the unused space with a multi-tier mezzanine floor? They are ideal for doubling or trebling your floor space.

For an array of quality mezzanine flooring at great prices, call DC Space & Storage on