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Commercial and industrial shelving

If you want to make the most out of your business space and want safe and secure storage, then why not try one of our shelving systems?

Our strong and durable shelving systems can withstand both heavy and large items for your office, retail or industrial premises. We offer various types of shelving, all of which can be discussed with our expert team who will advise you on which shelving system will best suit your needs.

Boltless shelving

Our boltless shelving system is a highly economical and efficient shelving system, with adjustable depths and widths of shelves. These shelves are ideal for light to medium-weight items.

Longspan shelving

These shelves are easy to install and offer a range of functional storage capabilities. They are strong and highly durable, ideal for storing medium to heavy-weight items.

Mobile shelving

The mobile shelving range is ideal for storing a variety of products that are easily accessible and can be moved within your premises with ease. They offer increased security and are superb for concealing confidential documents.

Office shelving

Not only is our office shelving system easily adjustable, it can be used for a range of uses for your business. It can be extended to adapt to your business and storage requirements.

From longspan to office shelving, contact DC Space & Storage Solutions for a FREE quote on